Would food taste twice as good with two mouths? Deep thinking like this shaped the Sheetz “One-Up” campaign.

When Sheetz enters a new market, the majority of consumers view Sheetz as primarily a gas station, with a little food on the side. Only Sheetz fanatics know the truth—Sheetz serves food so good it’s worth getting a little crazy over. In fact, food and beverage sales are the largest revenue-generator for the $7 billion a year company.

After 16 years partnering with Sheetz, Tattoo is methodical in taking these new customers through our sales process. We start with “Awareness” that Sheetz serves restaurant-quality food; transition to “Consideration” of purchase; and create consumers through “Trial” of the product.

This Consideration effort was dubbed the “One-Up” campaign. Recently, popular humor has resembled a race to create increasingly obscure metaphors. We tapped into this comedy trend to talk about the quality of Sheetz food in a way millennials appreciated. This type of humor allowed us to speak directly about the food without loosing the viewer’s interest.

We created a series of three television ads, quick digital videos, banner ads, and homepage takeovers. We infused every aspect of the campaign with the humor, energy, and attitude we have helped make synonymous Sheetz brand. The creative execution reinforced the quality of Sheetz food and helped build credibility for the Sheetz USP: Delicious, restaurant-quality food from a gas station.